Clients Serviced

As a comprehensive Service Provider, we have designed and implemented a customized Strategic Plan relative to our client needs focused on improving outcomes for children, families and/or other citizens in need within education, healthcare and/or nonprofit sectors.

As it relates to Workplace Operations, Personnel (Staff) Efficiencies and/or Leadership/Board Governance, we have provided Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Advisory and Executive Management focused on expanding and improving the technical structures that allow organizations to share data and ultimately streamline their services to optimize stakeholder Return on Investment (ROI).

We have administered the appropriate Needs Assessment to prioritize policies, practices and regulations that agencies should jointly review and revise in order to create an alignment to improve community health and workforce development outcomes by establishing clear and consistent communications (goals, timelines, deliverables) with internal and external constituents.

We have served as a liaison to Global Nonprofits, Foundations, Healthcare and Educational Institutions, Human Services and elected officials at the City, State and Federal Levels (inclusive of National Organizations) that are also reflected in our diverse Clientele below;

» New York Presbyterian  » Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health
» West Africa Health Foundation » National Education Foundation
» Columbia University’s Teachers College » Medical Insurance and Community Services Administration
» St. John’s University » New York City Department of Education
» Customized Assistance Services (CAS) » National Association of Social Workers
» iMentor » International Black Doctoral Network, Incorporated
» Building Community Bridges, Incorporated » New York City Human Resources Administration
» Hyatt Hotels Incorporated » Emergency and Intervention Services (EIS)
» Adult Protective Services (APS) » Dr. Richard Izquierdo Health & Science Charter School
» Office of Child Support Services » City University of New York (BMCC)
» HIV/AIDS Services Administration (HASA) » Home Care Services Program
» Supportive/Affordable Housing and Services » Family Independence Administration
» Homelessness Prevention Administration » The Early Intervention Outreach Team
» Office of Civil Justice » Wyandanch School District
» Hempstead School District » Atlas Foundation for Autism
» Facebook Business Insights Panel » Dept. of Social Services' Office of Program Accountability
» South Huntington School District » LinkedIn Pilot Events (C-Suite)